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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Service specifications

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Service specifications

Exterior/interior trim
PREPARATION Recomended Tools Equipment VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEM PREPARATION Recomended Tools CRUISE CONTROL PREPARATION Recomended Tools Torx is a registered trademark of Textro ...

Standard bolt
HOW TO DETERMINE BOLT STRENGTH SPECIFIED TORQUE FOR STANDARD BOLTS HOW TO DETERMINE NUT STRENGTH *: Nut with 1 or more marks on one side surface of the nut. HINT: Use the nut with the ...

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Seat belt comfort guide (for the third center seat)
If the shoulder belt sits close to a person's neck, use the seat belt comfort guide. Pull the comfort guide from the pocket. Slide the belt past the slot of the guide. The elastic cord must be behind the seat belt. Buckle the seat belt and position it comfortably. ...

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