Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Automatic transmission / trans

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Automatic transmission / trans

Parking brake ASSY
COMPONENTS OVERHAUL HINT: Use the same procedures for the RH side and LH side. The procedures listed below are for the LH side. 1. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 2. SEPARATE REAR DISC BRAKE CAL ...

Automatic transaxle ASSY (ATM)
PRECAUTION  The automatic transaxle is composed of highly precision-finished parts, necessitating careful inspection before reassembly because even a small nick could cause fluid leak ...

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Summary of the blind spot monitor
The blind spot monitor is a system that has 2 functions;  the blind spot monitor function assists the driver in making the decision when changing lanes  the rear cross traffic alert function assists the driver when backing up These functions use same sensors. Bsm main ...

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