Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Audio system

Off-road driving
Your vehicle is not designed to be driven off-road. However, in the event that off-road driving cannot be avoided, please observe the following precautions to help avoid the areas prohibited to vehi ...

Basic operations

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Knock sensor (2AZ-FE)
REPLACEMENT 1. DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT (See page 16-6 ) 2. REMOVE AIR CLEANER CAP WITH AIR CLEANER HOSE (See page 14-24 ) 3. REMOVE THROTTLE BODY ASSY (See page 10-6 ) 4. REMOVE INTAKE MANIFOLD (a) Remove the 5 bolts, 2 nuts, intake manifold and gasket. 5. REMOVE KNOCK SENSOR (a) Disconn ...

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