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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Using the radio

Radio operation

Select am or fm on the audio source selection screen to begin listening to the radio.

Audio control screen

Pressing the audio button displays the audio control screen from any screens of the selected source.

  1. Audio source selection screen appears
  2. preset stations
  3. scanning for receivable station
  4. select to display a list of receivable stations
  5. setting the sound

Toyota Highlander. Audio control screen

Selecting a station

Tune in to the desired station using one of the following methods.

Seek tuning

Press the "" or "" button on "seek/track".

The radio will begin seeking up or down for a station of the nearest frequency and will stop when a station is found.

Manual tuning

Turn the "tuneƒescroll" knob.

 Preset stations

Select the desired preset station

Setting station presets

  1. Search for desired stations by turning the "tune¢pscroll" knob or pressing the "" or ""
    button on "seek/track".
  2. Select "(add new)".

    To change the preset station to a different one, select and hold the preset station.

  3. Select "yes".
  4. Select "ok" after setting the new preset station.

Refreshing the station list

  1. Select refresh on the station list screen.

    To cancel the refresh, select cancel refresh.

Reception sensitivity

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