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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Contact/call history settings

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual / Audio system / Bluetooth phone / Contact/call history settings

The contact can be transferred from a bluetooth phone to the system.

The contact also can be added, edited and deleted.

The call history can be deleted and contact and favorites can be changed.

  1. Display the "phone/message settings" screen.
  2. Select "contact/call history settings".
  3. Select the desired item to be set.

Toyota Highlander. Contact/call history settings

  1. For pbap compatible bluetoothr phones, select to set automatic contact/history transfer on/off. When set to on, the phone's contact data and history are automatically transferred.
  2. Select to update contacts from the connected phone.
  3. Select to sort contacts by the first name or last name field.
  4. Select to add contacts to the favorites list.
  5. Select to delete contacts from the favorites list.
  6. Select to clear contacts from the call history.*
  7. Select to add new contacts to the contact list.*
  8. Select to edit contacts in the contact list.*
  9. Select to delete contacts from the contact list.*
  10. Select to reset all setup items.

*: For pbap compatible bluetoothr phones only, this function is available when "automatic transfer" is set to off.

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