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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Using an external device

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual / Audio system / Using an external device

Playing an audio cd and mp3/wma/aac discs
CD player operation Insert disc or select cd on the audio source selection screen with a disc inserted to begin listening to a cd. Audio control screen Pressing the "audio" button disp ...

Listening to an ipod
Connecting an ipod enables you to enjoy music from the vehicle speakers. Select ipod on the audio source selection screen. When the ipod connected to the system includes ipod video, the syst ...

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1. DISCHARGE FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE (See page 11-35 ) 2. REMOVE DECK BOARD SUB-ASSY (a) Disengage the 5 clips and turn up the front side of the deck board. 3. REMOVE REAR SEAT TRACK BRACKET COVER OUTER 4. REMOVE REAR SEAT ASSY RH (See page 72-35 ) 5. REMOVE REAR SEAT ASSY LH (See page 72-28 ...

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