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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Speaking on the phone

The following screen is displayed when speaking on the phone.

Toyota Highlander. Speaking on the phone

To adjust the call volume

Select - or +. You can also adjust the volume using the steering switches or the volume knob.

To prevent the other party from hearing your voice

Select mute.

Inputting tones

When using phone services such as an answering service or a bank, you can store phone numbers and code numbers in the contact.

  1. Select 0-9.
  2. Input the number.

Release tones

Release tones appear when a continuous tone signal(s) containing a (w) is registered in the contact list.

  1. Select release tones.

Release tones

To transfer a call

Select handset mode to on from a hands-free call to a cellular phone call.

Select handset mode to off from a cellular phone call to a hands-free call.

Transmit volume setting

  1. Select transmit volume.
  2. Select the desired level for the transmit volume.
  3. Select ok.

To hang up

Press the switch on the steering
wheel or select .

Call waiting

When a call is interrupted by a third party while talking, an incoming call message will be displayed.

To talk with the other party:

To refuse the call:

Toyota Highlander. Call waiting

Every time you press the switch
on the steering wheel or select during call waiting, you will be
switched to the other party.

Transferring calls

Call waiting operation

Call waiting operation may differ depending on your phone company and cellular phone.

Receiving a call
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Bluetooth phone message function
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