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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Basic audio operations

Basic audio operations and functions common to each mode are explained in this section.

Operating the audio system

Toyota Highlander. Operating the audio system

Random playback

Select to change on/off.

Repeat play

Select to change on/off.

?Using cellular phones

Interference may be heard through the audio system's speakers if a cellular phone is being used inside or close to the vehicle while the audio system is operating.

Certification (caution)

Laser product

This product is a class 1 laser product.

Do not open the cover of the player or attempt to repair the unit yourself.

Refer servicing to qualified personnel.


To prevent battery discharge

Do not leave the audio system on longer than necessary when the engine is off.

To avoid damaging the audio system

Take care not to spill drinks or other fluids on the audio system.

Aux port/usb port
Connect an ipod, usb memory device or portable audio player to the aux port/usb port as indicated below. Select ipod, usb, aux or a/v on the audio source selection screen and the device can ...


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