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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Aux port/usb port

Connect an ipod, usb memory device or portable audio player to the aux port/usb port as indicated below. Select ipod, usb, aux or a/v on the audio source selection screen and the device can be operated via audio system.

Connecting using the aux port/usb port


Open the cover and connect an ipod using an ipod cable.

Turn on the power of the ipod if it is not turned on.

Toyota Highlander. Ipod

Usb memory

Open the cover and connect the usb memory device.

Turn on the power of the usb memory device if it is not turned on.

Portable audio player

Open the cover and connect the portable audio player.

Turn on the power of the portable audio player if it is not turned on.


While driving

Do not connect a device or operate the device controls.

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