Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: General settings

Settings are available for adjusting the operation sounds, screen animation, etc.

Screen for general settings

  1. Press the setup button.
  2. Select general on the setup screen.

Toyota Highlander. Screen for general settings

  1. "English", "francais" or "espanol" can be selected.
  2. On/off can be selected to sound beeps.
  3. Select to change the screen color.
  4. Select to change the keyboard layout.
  5. Select to change the capacitive touch button sensor sensitivity.
  6. The animation effect for the screen can be set to on/off.
  7. Select to delete personal data
  8. Select to update program versions. For details, contact your toyota dealer.
  9. Select to display the software information. Notices related to third party software used in this product are enlisted. (This includes instructions for obtaining such software, where applicable.)

To return to the default volume settings

Select default, and then yes.

Delete personal data

  1. Select delete personal data on the general settings screen.
  2. Select delete.

    Check carefully beforehand, as data cannot be retrieved once deleted.

  3. A confirmation screen will be displayed. Select yes.

The following personal data will be deleted or changed to its default settings.

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