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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Cooling

Exhaust pipe ASSY (3MZ-FE)
COMPONENTS REPLACEMENT NOTICE: Check if an old gasket remains on the pipe. If remains, remove it. Check if any bolts or nuts are rusted. If rusted, replace them. 1. REMOVE HEATED OXYGEN SEN ...

Cooling system (2AZ-FE)

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Blower ASSY
COMPONENTS OVERHAUL HINT: COMPONENTS: see page 55-40 1. REMOVE GLOVE COMPARTMENT DOOR ASSY(SEE PAGE 71-10 ) 2. REMOVE AIR DUCT NO.2 (a) Remove the screw. (b) Release the 3 claw fittings and remove the air duct No.2. 3. REMOVE ECM (a) Disconnect the connectors. (b) Remove the 2 nuts ...

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