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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Cooling fan system (2AZ-FE)

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Cooling / Cooling fan system (2AZ-FE)

1. INSPECT THERMOSTAT HINT: The thermostat is numbered with the valve opening temperature is stamped on the thermostat. (a) Immerse the thermostat in water and gradually heat the water. ...

On-vehicle inspection
HINT: The cooling fan may rotate when the ignition switch is turned from ACC to ON. This is normal. 1. CHECK COOLING FAN OPERATION WITH LOW TEMPERATURE (Below 83 C (181 F)) (a) Turn the ignition ...

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On-vehicle inspection
1. INSPECT PRESSURE SWITCH NO.1. (a) Magnetic clutch control: Inspect pressure switch operation.  Set on the manifold gauge set. Connect the positive (+) lead from the ohmmeter to terminal 4 and the negative (-) lead to terminal 1.  Check continuity between terminals when r ...

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