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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Inspection



(a) Visually check the drain hole for coolant leakage.

(b) Turn the pulley, and check that the water pump bearing moves smoothly and noiselessly.

If the bearing moves roughly or noisily, replace the water pump assy.

(c) Visually check the air holes for coolant leakage.

If leakage is found, replace the water pump assy.

if engine coolant has leaked onto the timing belt, replace the timing belt.

1. DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT (See page 16-26 ) 2. REMOVE FRONT WHEEL RH 3. REMOVE FRONT FENDER APRON SEAL RH 4. REMOVE V BELT NO. 1 (See page 14-125 ) 5. REMOVE VANE PUMP V BELT (See page 14-125 ) 6. ...

Thermostat (3MZ-FE)
REPLACEMENT HINT: The installation procedures are the removal procedures in reverse order. However, only installation procedures requiring additional information are included. 1. DRAIN ENGINE CO ...

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On-vehicle inspection
1. INSPECT FRONT AXLE HUB BEARING LOOSENESS (a) Using a dial indicator, check for looseness near the center of the axle hub. Maximum: 0 mm (0 in.) If looseness exceeds the maximum, replace the bearing. NOTICE: Ensure that the dial indicator is set at right angles to the measurement surfac ...

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