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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Audio & visual system

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Audio & visual system

Washer nozzle
INSPECTION 1. INSPECT WASHER NOZZLE (a) With the engine running, check that the washer fluid hits in the range indicated by the hatched areas on the windshield and the rear window. HINT: This w ...

Audio & visual system
PRECAUTION 1. OBSERVE HANDLING AND OPERATIONAL PRECAUTIONS (a) Explain to the customer that when the negative terminal is disconnected from the battery, the AM/FM channel presets in the radio rec ...

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Erasing the entire homelink® memory (all three programs)
Press and hold the 2 outside buttons for 10 seconds until the homelink® indicator light changes from continuously lit (orange) to rapidly flashing (green). If you sell your vehicle, be sure to erase the programs stored in the homelink® memory. Programs stored in the homelink® memor ...

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