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(a) Explain to the customer that when the negative terminal is disconnected from the battery, the AM/FM channel presets in the radio receiver are cleared. If necessary, make a note of the recorded channel information before the negative terminal is disconnected, then reset the information after the negative terminal is reconnected.

(b) The removal/installation of the radio receiver should be performed after all cassette tapes and audio CDs are ejected from the radio receiver.

HINT: If a cassette tape or audio CD cannot be ejected due to malfunction of the radio receiver, do not attempt to remove it forcefully. Bring the vehicle to the repair plant.

(c) Fasten the earth bolt securely when the antenna cord is removed or installed.

HINT: Failure to fasten the earth bolt securely causes noise when receiving radio waves.

(d) Do not touch the cone paper of the speaker.






Audio & visual system

Radio receiver ASSY
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