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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Transfer

Rear axle LH hub bolt
REPLACEMENT HINT: COMPONENTS:SEE PAGE 30-4 Replace the RH side by the same procedures with the LH side. 1. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 2. SEPARATE REAR DISC BRAKE CALIPER ASSY LH (2WD DRIVE TYPE) (a) Rem ...

Transfer system (4WD)
PRECAUTION Before disassembly, clean the transfer assy and remove any deposited sand or mud to prevent it from entering the inside of the transfer during disassembly and assembly. When remo ...

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Oil W/hose cooler ASSY (U241E/U140F)
REPLACEMENT 1. REMOVE RADIATOR GRILLE (See page 76-2 ) 2. REMOVE FRONT BUMPER COVER (See page 76-2 ) 3. SEPARATE OIL COOLER OUTLET TUBE NO.1 (a) Loosen the clip and separate the oil cooler hose. 4. SEPARATE TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER HOSE NO.1 (a) Loosen the clip and separate the transmission oil ...

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