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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Preparation

Glossary of sae and Toyota terms
This glossary lists all SAE-J1930 terms and abbreviations used in this manual in compliance with SAE recommendations, as well as their TOYOTA equivalents. ...

PREPARATION SST Recomended Tools ...

More about Toyota Highlander:

Transmission valve body ASSY (U151E/U151F)
REPLACEMENT 1. REMOVE ENGINE UNDER COVER NO.1 2. DRAIN AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE FLUID (a) Remove the drain plug and gasket, and drain ATF. (b) Install a new gasket and the drain plug. Torque: 49 NVm (500 kgfVcm, 36 ftVlbf) 3. REMOVE AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE OIL PAN SUB-ASSY (a) Remove the 18 bolt ...

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