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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Heater & air conditioner

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Preparation / Heater & air conditioner



Heater & air conditioner

Heater & air conditioner

Recomended Tools

Heater & air conditioner


Heater & air conditioner

Power steering
PREPARATION SST Recomended Tools Equipment Lubricant SSM ...

Supplemental restraint system
PREPARATION SST Recomended Tools Torx is a registered trademark of Textron Inc. Equipment ...

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Brake pedal sub-assy
ADJUSTMENT 1. CHECK AND ADJUST BRAKE PEDAL HEIGHT (a) Check brake pedal height. Pedal height from asphalt sheet: 150 to 160 mm (5.906 to 6.299 in.) (b) Adjust brake pedal height.  Disconnect the connector from the stop lamp switch assy.  Loosen the stop lamp switch lock nu ...

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