Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Tire information

Fuel information
You must only use unleaded gasoline in your vehicle. Select octane rating 87 (research octane number 91) or higher. Use of unleaded gasoline with an octane rating lower than 87 may result in en ...

Typical tire symbols
Full-size tire Compact spare tire Tire size Dot and tire identification number (tin) Location of treadwear indicators Tire ply composition and materials plies are lay ...

More about Toyota Highlander:

Navigation ECU
REPLACEMENT HINT: COMPONENTS: See page 67-2 Installation is in the reverse order of removal. 1. REMOVE FRONT SEAT ASSEMBLY LH POWER SEAT (SEE PAGE 72-1 1) MANUAL SEAT (SEE PAGE 72-19 ) 2. REMOVE NAVIGATION ECU COVER (a) Remove the 4 claws and the navigation ECU cover. 3. REMOVE NA ...

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