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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Customer problem analysis


Customer problem analysis

(Sample) Supplemental Restraint System check sheet.

Customer problem analysis

How to proceed with troubleshooting
HINT: Carry out troubleshooting in accordance with the procedures below. Only a basic procedure is shown. Details in the Diagnostic Section show the most effective methods for each circuit. Conf ...

Symptom confirmation and diagnostic trouble code
HINT: The diagnostic system in the HIGHLANDER has various functions. The first function is the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) check. A DTC is a code stored in the ECU memory whenever a malfun ...

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Phone display settings
Display the "phone/message settings" screen. Select "phone display settings". Select the desired item to be set. Change the incoming call display. Full screen: when a call is received, the hands-free screen is displayed and can be operated on the scr ...

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