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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Typical tire symbols

Toyota Highlander. Typical tire symbols

Toyota Highlander. Typical tire symbols

  1. Tire size
  2. Dot and tire identification number (tin)
  3. Location of treadwear indicators
  4. Tire ply composition and materials plies are layers of rubber-coated parallel cords. Cords are the strands which form the plies in a tire.
  5. Radial tires or bias-ply tires a radial tire has "radial" on the sidewall. A tire not marked "radial" is a bias-ply tire.
  6. Tubeless or tube type a tubeless tire does not have a tube and air is directly put into the tire.

    A tube type tire has a tube inside the tire and the tube maintains the air pressure.

  7. Load limit at maximum cold tire inflation pressure
  8. Maximum cold tire inflation pressure This means the pressure to which a tire may be inflated.
  9. Uniform tire quality grading for details, see "uniform tire quality grading" that follows.
  10. Summer tires or all season tires An all season tire has "m+s" on the sidewall. A tire not marked "m+s" is a summer tire.
  11. "Temporary use only" a compact spare tire is identified by the phrase "temporary use only" molded on its sidewall. This tire is designed for temporary emergency use only.
Tire information

Typical dot and tire identification number (tin)
Dot symbol* tire identification number (tin) tire manufacturer’s identification mark tire size code manufacturer’s optional tire type code (3 or 4 letters) manufacturing week ma ...

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