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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Front suspension

1. REMOVE GENERATOR PULLEY SST 09820-63010 (09820-06010, 09820-06020) HINT: (a) Hold SST (1-A) with a torque wrench, and tighten SST (1-B) clockwise to the specified torque. Torque: 39 ...

Front suspension system

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Windshield wiper motor ASSY
REPLACEMENT HINT: Installation is in the reverse order of removal. 1. REMOVE WINDSHIELD WIPER ARM COVER 2. REMOVE FR WIPER ARM & BLADE ASSY LH (a) Stop the windshield wiper motor assy at the automatic stop position. (b) Remove the nut and the FR wiper arm & blade assy LH. 3. REMOVE FR ...

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