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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Problem symptoms table

Use the table below to help determine the cause of the problem. The numbers indicate the priority of the possible cause of the problem. Check each part in order. If necessary, replace these parts.


Suspected Area

  1. Vehicle (Overloaded)
  2. Spring (Weak)
  3. Shock absorber (Worn)
  1. Tire (Worn or improperly inflated)
  2. Stabilizer bar (Bent or broken)
  3.  Shock absorber (Worn)
Front wheel shimmy
  1. Tire (Worn or improperly inflated)
  2. Wheel (Out of balance)
  3. Shock absorber (Worn)
  4.  Wheel alignment (Incorrect)
  5. Ball joint (Worn)
  6. Hub bearing (Worn)
  7. Steering linkage (Loose or worn)
  8.  Steering gear (Out of adjustment or broken)
Abnormal tire wear
  1. Tire (Worn or improperly inflated)
  2.  Wheel alignment (Incorrect)
  3.  Shock absorber (Worn)
  4.  Suspension parts (Worn)
Vehicle pull
  1. Tire
  2.  Tire pressure (incorrect)
  3.  Wheel alignment (Incorrect)
  4.  Brake (Dragging)
  5.  Steering wheel (Off center)
Front suspension system

How to proceed with troubleshooting
HINT: This is the repair procedure for vehicle pull. ...

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