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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Driving position memory

This feature automatically adjusts the driver’s seat and outside rear view mirrors to make entering and exiting the vehicle easier or to suit your preferences.

Folding down the third seats
Before folding down the third seats Stow the third seat belt buckles. Pass the outer seat belts through the seat belt hangers and secure the seat belt plates. This prevents the s ...

Driving position memory
Your preferred driving position (the position of the driver's seat and outside rear view mirrors) can be recorded and recalled by pressing a button. Two different driving positions can be recorde ...

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1. VEHICLE PREPARATION FOR HEADLAMP AIM ADJUSTMENT (a) Prepare the vehicle: Ensure there is no damage or deformation to the body around the headlamps. Fill the fuel tank. Make sure that the oil is filled to the specified level. Make sure that the coolant is filled to the specified leve ...

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