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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Driving position memory

Your preferred driving position (the position of the driver's seat and outside rear view mirrors) can be recorded and recalled by pressing a button.

Two different driving positions can be recorded into memory.

 Recording procedure

  1. Turn the engine switch to ignition on mode.
  2. Adjust the driver's seat and outside rear view mirrors to the desired positions.
  3. While pressing the "set" button, or within 3 seconds after the "set" button is pressed, press button "1" or "2" until the buzzer sounds.

If the selected button has already been preset, the previously recorded position will be overwritten.

Toyota Highlander.  Recording procedure

Recall procedure

  1. Check that the shift lever is in p.
  2. Turn the engine switch to ignition on mode.
  3. Press one of the buttons for the driving position you want to recall until the buzzer sounds.

Toyota Highlander. Recall procedure

To stop the position recall operation part-way through

Perform any of the following:

Seat positions that can be memorized

The seat position, with the exception of the portions adjusted by the seat cushion length switch and lumbar support switch, can be recorded.

Operating the driving position memory after turning the engine switch off

Recorded seat positions can be activated up to 180 seconds after the driver's door is opened and another 60 seconds after it is closed again.

In order to correctly use the driving position memory function

If a seat position is already in the furthest possible position and the seat is operated in the same direction, the recorded position may be slightly different when it is recalled.

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