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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Drive shaft / propeller shaft

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Drive shaft / propeller shaft

Differential carrier ASSY rear (4WD)
OVERHAUL HINT: Differential components (see page 29-3 ) Rear drive shaft components (see page 30-45 ) 1. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 2. REMOVE PROPELLER W/CENTER BEARING SHAFT ASSY (SEE PAGE 30-12 ) ...

Drive shaft, propeller shaft, axle
PRECAUTION 1. NOTICE OF REMOVING AND INSTALLING FRONT DRIVE SHAFT ASSY RH (a) When removing and installing the front drive shaft assy RH in a 4WD vehicle, be sure to first drain all the transaxle ...

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ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION HINT: Inspect these items when the engine is cold. 1. REPLACE TIMING BELT (See page 2AZ-FE: 14-68 , 3MZ-FE: 14-206 ) 2. INSPECT DRIVE BELT (See page 2AZ-FE: 14-5 , 3MZ-FE: 14-125 ) 3. REPLACE SPARK PLUGS (See page 2AZ-FE: 18-1 , 3MZ-FE: 18-7 ) 4. Canada: INSPECT AIR FILT ...

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