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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Problem symptoms table

Use the table below to help determine the cause of the problem. The causes of problem are listed in order of probability in the "Suspected Area" column. Check each part in order. If necessary, replace these parts.


Suspected Area

  1. Wheel alignment (Front)
  2.  Wheel alignment (Rear)
  3.  Steering linkage (Loosen or worn)
  4.  Hub bearing (Worn)
  5. Stabilizer bar (Front [2WD])
  6. Stabilizer bar (Front [4WD])
  7. Stabilizer bar (Rear [2WD])
  8. Stabilizer bar (Rear [4WD])
Front wheel shimmy
  1. Wheel balance
  2. Shock absorber (Front)
  3.  Shock absorber (Rear)
  4.  Ball joint (Worn)
  5.  Hub bearing (Worn)
Noise (Front drive shaft)
  1. Inboard or outboard joint (Worn) (2WD)
  2.  Inboard or outboard joint (Worn) (4WD)
Noise (Rear drive shaft)
  1. Inboard or outboard joint (Worn)
Noise (Propeller shaft)
  1. Sleeve yoke spline (Worn)
  2.  Center support bearing (Worn)
  3.  Spider bearing (Worn or stuck)
Vibration (Propeller shaft)
  1. Propeller and intermediate shafts (Runout)
  2.  Propeller shafts (Imbalance)
  3.  Front flange (Runout)
  4.  Rear flange (Runout)
  5.  Universal joint (Stuck or damaged)
  6.  Sleeve yoke spline (Stuck)
Drive shaft, propeller shaft, axle
PRECAUTION 1. NOTICE OF REMOVING AND INSTALLING FRONT DRIVE SHAFT ASSY RH (a) When removing and installing the front drive shaft assy RH in a 4WD vehicle, be sure to first drain all the transaxle ...

On-vehicle inspection
1. INSPECT FRONT AXLE HUB BEARING LOOSENESS (a) Using a dial indicator, check for looseness near the center of the axle hub. Maximum: 0 mm (0 in.) If looseness exceeds the maximum, replace the ...

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Power point socket ASSY RR
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