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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Bluetooth phone

Bluetooth audio
Listening to bluetooth audio The bluetoothr audio system enables the user to enjoy music played on a portable player from the vehicle speakers via wireless communication. When a bluetoothr devi ...

Using a bluetooth phone
The hands-free system is a function that allows you to use your cellular phone without touching it. This system supports bluetoothr. Bluetoothr is a wireless data system that allows the cellular ...

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HINT: COMPONENTS: see page 55-59 1. DISCHARGE REFRIGERANT FROM REFRIGERATION SYSTEM (SEE PAGE 55-17 ) SST 07110-58060 (07117-58080, 07117-58090, 07117-78050, 07117-88060, 07117-88070, 07117-88080) 2. REMOVE BATTERY 3. REMOVE RADIATOR GRILLE (SEE PAGE 76-2 ) 4. DISCONNECT COOLER REFRIGERANT ...

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