Toyota Highlander manuals

Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Differential

Tire & wheel
Wheel and tire system Inspection 1. INSPECT TIRE (a) Check the tires for wear and proper inflation pressure. Cold tire inflation pressure: (b) Using a dial indicator, check the tire runout. ...

Differential system (4WD)

More about Toyota Highlander:

1. DRAIN ENGINE OIL 2. REMOVE SPARK PLUG 3. REMOVE VENTILATION VALVE SUB-ASSY 4. REMOVE OIL FILLER CAP SUB-ASSY 5. REMOVE OIL FILLER CAP GASKET 6. REMOVE CYLINDER HEAD COVER SUB-ASSY (a) Remove the 2 engine wire harness clamps. (b) Remove the 3 nuts and disconnect the engine wire harness. ...

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