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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Lubrication

1. REMOVE DRAIN PLUG (a) Remove the drain plug. (b) Remove the O-ring. 2. ASSEMBLE SST SST 09230-01010 (a) Install the claw to the overhaul handle, inserting it into the hole in part A as sh ...

Lubrication system (2AZ-FE)
On-vehicle inspection 1. CHECK ENGINE OIL LEVEL (a) Warm up the engine, stop the engine and wait 5 minutes. The oil level should be between the dipstick's low level mark and full level mark. I ...

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1. INSPECT POWER WINDOW REGULATOR SWITCH ASSY (a) Check continuity.  Check the continuity between the terminals when battery voltage is applied to terminals 1 and 8. Standard: If the continuity is not as specified, replace the switch. ...

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