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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: When closing the back door

Lower the back door using either back door handle.

Make sure to push the back door down from the outside to close it.

The back door closing assist will activate and the back door will fully close automatically.

Toyota Highlander. When closing the back door

Canceling the power back door system (vehicles with a power back door)

Turn the main switch in the glove box off to disable the power back door system.

  1. On (enabled)
  2. Off (disabled)

Toyota Highlander. Canceling the power back door system

Power back door switch (vehicles with a power back door)
Quickly press and release the switch to close the back door. Pressing the switch while the back door is opening/closing stops the operation. To operate the back door again, quickly press and ...

Adjusting the open position of the back door (vehicles with a power back door)
The open position of the power back door can be adjusted. Open the back door and adjust it to the desired position. Press and hold the power back door switch on the back door approximately 2 s ...

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