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Luggage compartment features
Cargo hooks Raise the hooks to use. Cargo hooks are provided for securing loose items. Grocery bag hooks Notice Do not hang any object heavier than 6.6 Lb. (3 Kg) on the groce ...

Other interior features

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Oil W/hose cooler ASSY (U151E/U151F)
REPLACEMENT 1. REMOVE FRONT BUMPER COVER (SEE PAGE 76-2 ) 2. DRAIN AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE FLUID (a) Remove the drain plug and gasket, and drain ATF. (b) Install a new gasket and the drain plug. Torque: 49 NVm (500 kgfVcm, 36 ftVlbf) 3. REMOVE OIL COOLER ASSY (a) Disconnect the 2 oil cooler ...

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