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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Emission control system (3MZ-FE)

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Emission control / Emission control system (3MZ-FE)

Ventilation valve Sub-ASSY (2AZ-FE)
REPLACEMENT 1. REMOVE VENTILATION VALVE SUB-ASSY (a) Disconnect the ventilation hose from the ventilation valve. (b) Remove the ventilation valve. 2. INSTALL VENTILATION VALVE SUB-ASSY (a) Instal ...

SYSTEM DIAGRAM The emission control system is determined by the ECM based on signals from various sensors. ...

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Summary of the blind spot monitor
The blind spot monitor is a system that has 2 functions;  the blind spot monitor function assists the driver in making the decision when changing lanes  the rear cross traffic alert function assists the driver when backing up These functions use same sensors. Bsm main ...

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