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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Communication system

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Communication system

Window glass (antenna wire)
REPAIR 1. INSPECT WINDOW GLASS (ANTENNA WIRE) NOTICE: When cleaning the glass, use a soft, dry cloth, and wipe the glass in the direction of the wire. Take care not to damage the wires. Do no ...

Horn system
LOCATION INSPECTION 1. INSPECT RELAY (HORN) (a) Remove the HORN relay from the engine room J/B. (b) Measure the HORN relay resistance. Standard: 2. INSPECT HIGH PITCHED HORN ASSY ...

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On-vehicle inspection
1. INSPECT SPEEDOMETER (a) Check the operation.  Using a speedometer tester, inspect the speedometer for acceptable indication error and check the operation of the odometer. Reference: km/h (Canada) Reference: mph (U.S.) NOTICE: Tire wear and over or under tire press ...

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