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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Steps to take in an emergency

Toyota Highlander Owners Manual / When trouble arises / Steps to take in an emergency

If your vehicle has to be stopped in an emergency
Only in an emergency, such as if it becomes impossible to stop the vehicle in the normal way, stop the vehicle using the following procedure: Steadily step on the brake pedal with both feet and ...

If your vehicle needs to be towed
If towing is necessary, we recommend having your vehicle towed by your toyota dealer or commercial towing service, using a lift-type truck or flatbed truck. Use a safety chain system for all towi ...

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Changing engine switch modes
Modes can be changed by pressing the engine switch with brake pedal released. (The mode changes each time the switch is pressed.) Off* the emergency flashers can be used. The multi-information display will not be displayed. Accessory mode some electrical components such as the pow ...

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