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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Past record

  1. Press the “apps” button.
  2. Touch “eco” on the “apps” screen.

If the “trip information” screen is displayed, select “past record”.

Press the “car” button.

If the “trip information” screen is displayed, select “past record”.

Toyota Highlander. Audio system with “car” button

The average fuel consumption history is divided by color into past averages and the average fuel consumption since the last updated.

Use the displayed average fuel consumption as a reference.

This image is an example only.

Updating the past record data

Update the average fuel consumption by selecting "update" to measure the current fuel consumption again.

Resetting the data

The fuel consumption data can be deleted by selecting "clear".

Cruising range

Displays the estimated maximum distance that can be driven with the quantity of fuel remaining.

This distance is computed based on your average fuel consumption.

As a result, the actual distance that can be driven may differ from that displayed.

Trip information
Audio system with “apps” button Press the “apps” button. Touch “eco” on the “apps” screen. If the “past record” screen is displayed, select “trip information”. ...

Operation of each component

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