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Suspected Area

Mirror does not operate
  1. CIG fuse (I/P J/B)
  2.  Mirror switch
  3.  Mirror motor
  4.  Wire harness
Mirror operates abnormally.
  1. Mirror switch
  2.  Mirror motor
  3.  Wire harness
Power mirror control system

1. INSPECT OUTER MIRROR SWITCH ASSY (a) Inspect the mirror switch continuity.  Turn to the left/right adjustment switch to the L position. Inspect the left side mirror switch continuit ...

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Camshaft position sensor (2AZ-FE)
REPLACEMENT HINT: A bolt without a torque specification is shown in the standard bolt chart (see page 03-2 ). 1. REMOVE AIR CLEANER ASSY (See page 14-24 ) 2. REMOVE CAMSHAFT POSITION SENSOR (a) Disconnect the sensor connector. (b) Remove the bolt and sensor. 3. INSTALL CAMSHAFT POSITION ...

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