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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Customization

Your vehicle includes a variety of electronic features that can be personalized to your preferences. The settings of these features can be changed by the meter control switches, on the audio system screen or at your toyota dealer.

Customizing vehicle features (audio system screen)

Audio system with car button

  1. Press the setup button.
  2. Touch vehicle on the setup screen.

    Select the desired item.

Audio system with apps button

  1. Press the apps button.
  2. Touch setup on the apps screen and select vehicle.

    Select the desired item.

Various setting can be changed. Refer to the list of settings that can be changed for details.

Customizing vehicle features (meter control switches)

Changing by the meter control switches

Customizable features

Some function settings are changed simultaneously with other functions being customized. Contact your toyota dealer for further details.

  1. Settings that can be changed on the audio system screen
  2. settings that can be changed by the meter control switches
  3. settings that can be changed by your toyota dealer

Definition of symbols: o = available, = not available

Gauges, meters and multi-information display

Toyota Highlander. Gauges, meters and multi-information display

Toyota Highlander. Gauges, meters and multi-information display

Toyota Highlander. Gauges, meters and multi-information display

*1: For details about each function: *2: The default setting varies according to country.

*3: U.S.A. Only
*4: some status screens cannot be registered (indicated on multi-information display).

*5: 6 Of the following items: current fuel consumption, average fuel economy (after reset), average fuel economy (after refuel), average fuel economy (after start), average vehicle speed (after reset), average vehicle speed (after start), distance (driving range), elapsed time (after reset), elapsed time (after start), distance (after start), driving distance (after reset), blank.

*6: Speed limit display may not be available for some regions.

Door lock

Toyota Highlander. Door lock

Smart key system* and wireless remote control

Toyota Highlander. Smart key system* and wireless remote control

*: If equipped

Smart key system*

Toyota Highlander. Smart key system

*: If equipped

Wireless remote control

Toyota Highlander. Wireless remote control

*: Vehicles without smart key system

Power back door*

Toyota Highlander. Power back door

*: If equipped

Driving position memory*

Toyota Highlander. Driving position memory

*: If equipped

Power windows and moon roof*

Toyota Highlander. Power windows and moon roof

*: If equipped

Power windows

Toyota Highlander. Power windows

Moon roof*

Toyota Highlander. Moon roof

*: If equipped

Turn signal lever

Toyota Highlander. Turn signal lever

*1: After flashing the turn signal lights when turning left or right while this function is off and the turn signal lever is moved to the first position in the direction of the flashing light, the turn signal lights can be selected to be flashing or off.

*2: The turn signal lights will be off if the turn signal lever is moved to the first position in the direction of flashing light.

Automatic light control system

Toyota Highlander. Automatic light control system


Toyota Highlander. Lights

*: U.S.A. Only

Intuitive parking assist*1 (refer to navigation and multimedia system owners manual)

Toyota Highlander. Intuitive parking assist*

*1: If equipped
*2: when intuitive parking assist is operating.

Automatic air conditioning system*

Toyota Highlander. Automatic air conditioning system

*: If equipped


Toyota Highlander. Illumination

*1: Vehicles with a smart key system *2: vehicles with driving position memory

Seat belt reminder

Toyota Highlander. Seat belt reminder

Vehicle customization

Changing of the power back door opening angle (if equipped)

The opening angle setting can be changed through operation of either the power back door switch or the audio system screen.

However, if the engine switch is on and the power back door switch is used to change the opening angle setting, the changed opening angle will not be reflected on the audio system screen until the engine switch is turned off and then on again.

When customizing on the audio system screen

Stop the vehicle in a safe place, apply the parking brake, and shift the shift lever to p. Also, to prevent battery discharge, leave the engine running while customizing the features.


During customization

As the engine needs to be running during customization, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a place with adequate ventilation. In a closed area such as a garage, exhaust gases including harmful carbon monoxide (co) may collect and enter the vehicle. This may lead to death or a serious health hazard.



During customization

To prevent battery discharge, ensure that the engine is running while customizing features.

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