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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Bluetooth® audio

Listening to bluetooth® audio

The bluetoothr audio system enables the user to enjoy music played on a portable player from the vehicle speakers via wireless communication.

When a bluetoothr device cannot be connected, check the connection status on the "bluetooth* audio" screen. If the device is not connected, either register or reconnect the device. *: Bluetooth is a registered trademark of bluetooth sig, inc.

Status display

You can check such indicators as signal strength and battery charge on the screen.

  1. Connection status
  2. Battery charge

Toyota Highlander. Status display

Toyota Highlander. Status display

Playing bluetooth® audio

Select or 
to play/pause.

For details on "bluetooth* audio" screen operation methods, refer to basic audio operations. For details on how to select a track or album, refer to selecting, fastforwarding and reversing tracks/files/songs. *: Bluetooth is a registered trademark of bluetooth sig, inc.

Detailed bluetooth® system settings
You can confirm and change the detailed bluetooth® settings. How to check and change detailed bluetooth® settings Display the "bluetooth* setup" screen. Select "system setting ...

Bluetooth® phone

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