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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Wireless door lock control system

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Theft deterrent & door lock / Wireless door lock control system

1. INSPECT DOOR CONTROL SWITCH ASSY (a) Inspect the door control switch continuity If the continuity is not as specified, replace the switch. 2. INSPECT FRONT DOOR LOCK ASSY RH (a) Ins ...

HINT: The switch described in this text indicates the switch for transmitting signals, which is built in the door control transmitter. 1. NOTE WHEN CHECKING (a) The wireless door lock remote con ...

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When closing the back door
Lower the back door using either back door handle.  vehicles without a power back door Make sure to push the back door down from the outside to close it.  vehicles with a power back door The back door closing assist will activate and the back door will fully close auto ...

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