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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Precaution

HINT: The switch described in this text indicates the switch for transmitting signals, which is built in the door control transmitter.


(a) The wireless door lock remote control function operates only when the following 4 conditions are satisfied.

  1.  All the doors are closed.
  2.  No key is inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
  3.  The power door lock operates normally.
  4.  The receiving function is not cancelled by the security function.

(b) The wireless door lock remote control function operational area.

  1.  The operational area differs depending on the operator and the way the transmitter is held.
  2.  In some places, the operational area will be reduced due to the vehicle body shape and the influence of the surrounding environment, or the remote control function will only operate partially.
  3.  Because the transmitter uses faint electric waves, strong electric waves or noise in the frequency used may reduce the operational area or the remote control may not function.
  4.  When the battery weakens, the operational area is reduced or the remote control may not be operated.

HINT: If the door control transmitter has been left in a place that is exposed to the direct sunlight, such as on the instrument panel, it may cause the battery to weaken or other trouble.

Wireless door lock control system

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