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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: V (cooler compressor to crankshaft pulley) belt NO.1

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Heater & air conditioner / V (cooler compressor to crankshaft pulley) belt NO.1

Heater & air conditioner

1. INSPECT V (COOLER COMPRESSOR TO CRANKSHAFT PULLEY) BELT NO.1 (a) Belt tension: Using a belt tension gauge, check the V belt tension NOTICE: Check the V belt deflection at the spe ...

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OVERHAUL HINT: The installation is in the reverse order of the removal. However, when there is a special point concerning the installation, it is indicated. 1. REMOVE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER FINISH PANEL SUB-ASSY CENTER (SEE PAGE 71-10 ) 2. REMOVE INSTRUMENT PANEL FINISH PANEL LOWER (SEE PAGE 71 ...

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