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Heated steering wheel/seat heaters/seat ventilators
The heated steering wheel and seat heaters heat the side grips of the steering wheel and seats, respectively. Seat ventilators maintain good airflow by blowing air from the seats. Warning ...

Interior lights list
Rear interior/rear personal lights Ambient lights (if equipped) Front interior/front personal lights Outer foot lights (if equipped) Engine switch light (vehicles with a smart key syste ...

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Cigarette lighter ASSY
REPLACEMENT HINT: COMPONENTS: See page 67-2 Installation is in the reverse order of removal. 1. REMOVE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER FINISH PANEL ASSY CENTER (SEE PAGE 71-10 ) 2. REMOVE CIGARETTE LIGHTER ASSY (a) Remove the cigarette lighter cover. (b) Disengage the meshing of the cigarett ...

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