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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Personal lights

Turn the light on/off

Toyota Highlander. Personal lights

Toyota Highlander. Personal lights

Illuminated entry system

To prevent battery discharge

If the following lights are left on when the engine switch is turned off, the lights will go off automatically after 20 minutes:


Settings (e.G. The time elapsed before lights turn off) can be changed.

(Customizable features: )

Interior lights list
Rear interior/rear personal lights Ambient lights (if equipped) Front interior/front personal lights Outer foot lights (if equipped) Engine switch light (vehicles with a smart key syste ...

Using the storage features

More about Toyota Highlander:

ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION 1. Canada: TIGHTEN BOLTS AND NUTS ON CHASSIS AND BODY (a) Where necessary, tighten all the parts of the chassis. Front axle and suspension Drive train Rear axle and suspension Brake system Engine mounting, etc. (b) Where necessary, tighten all the parts of the ...

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