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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Using a bluetooth phone

The hands-free system is a function that allows you to use your cellular phone without touching it.

This system supports bluetoothr. Bluetoothr is a wireless data system that allows the cellular phone to wirelessly connect to the hands-free system and make/receive calls.

Before making a phone call, check the connection status, battery charge, call area and signal strength. If a bluetoothr device cannot be connected, check the connection status on the phone screen. If the device is not connected, either register or reconnect it.

Phone screen

To display the screen shown below, press the switch on the steering
wheel or the button.

Several functions are available to operate on each screen that is displayed by selecting the 4 tabs.

  1. Device name
  2. Bluetooth connection status

Toyota Highlander. Phone screen

Telephone switch


The vehicles built in microphone is used when talking on the phone.

The person you are speaking to can be heard from the front speakers.

To use the hands-free system, you must register your bluetooth phone in the system.

Toyota Highlander.  Microphone

Status display

You can check indicators such as signal strength and battery charge on the phone screen.

  1. Connection status
  2. signal strength
  3. battery charge

Toyota Highlander. Status display

Toyota Highlander. Status display

Bluetooth phone

Making a call
Once a bluetooth phone is registered, you can make a call using the following procedure: Dialing Display the phone screen. Select the "dial pad" tab and enter a phone number. To ...

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