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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Refrigerant

1. COOLER THERMISTOR NO.1(MANUAL AIR CONDITIONER) (a) Remove cooler thermistor No. 1. (b) Check resistance between terminals 1 and 2 of cooler thermistor No. 1 at each temperature, as shown in ...

On-vehicle inspection
1. INSPECT REFRIGERANT VOLUME   (a) Check the sight glass on the cooler refrigerant liquid pipe A. Test conditions: Engine is running at 1,500 rpm Blower speed control switch is at "HI" ...

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Strut rod ASSY rear
HINT: COMPONENTS: See page 27-2 . 1. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 2. REMOVE STRUT ROD ASSY REAR (a) Support the rear axle carrier with a jack. (b) Remove the bolt and nut, and separate the parking brake cable. (c) Remove the bolt and nut, and disconnect the strut rod (front side). NOTICE: ...

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