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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Rear view monitor system

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Refer to the "navigation and multimedia system owner's manual".

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The rear view monitor system assists the driver by displaying guide lines and an image of the view behind the vehicle while backing up, for example while parking.

The screen illustrations used in this text are intended as examples, and may differ from the image that is actually displayed on the screen.

The rear view image is displayed when the shift position is in r and the engine switch is in on position.

The rear view monitor system will be deactivated when the shift lever is in any position other than r.

Toyota Highlander. Rear view monitor system

Indication on the multi-information display
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Using the rear view monitor system
Screen description The rear view monitor system screen will be displayed if the shift lever is shifted to r while the engine switch is in on position. Vehicle width guide lines the line ...

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