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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Precaution


(a) If even a thin film of oil is left on the surface of the halogen lamp, the bulb may be damaged because the lamp will burn at a higher temperature.

(b) Handle any halogen lamp with great care. Dropping, hitting or damaging the bulb, in any way, may result in it exploding and shattering because the internal pressure is high.

(c) Always prepare a new bulb for immediate replacement. While replacing the bulb, the lens may attract dust and moisture if removed from the vehicle for too long.

(d) Always use a bulb of the same wattage for replacement.

(e) Firmly reinstall the socket after bulb replacement. The lens may become cloudy or the light cavity may fill with water through the gaps around the socket.

Lighting system

On-vehicle inspection
1. INSPECT TURN SIGNAL FLASHER CIRCUIT (a) Disconnect the connector from the turn signal flasher relay. (b) Measure the voltage according to the value(s) in the table below. Standard (c) ...

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