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Toyota Highlander Service Manual: Park/neutral position switch ASSY (U151E/U151F)

Toyota Highlander Service Manual / Automatic transmission / trans / Park/neutral position switch ASSY (U151E/U151F)

1. INSPECT PARK/NEUTRAL POSITION SWITCH ASSY (a) Apply the parking brake and turn the ignition switch ON. (b) Depress the brake pedal and check that the engine starts only when the shift lever is ...

1. REMOVE ENGINE UNDER COVER NO.1 2. SEPARATE TRANSMISSION CONTROL CABLE ASSY (a) Remove the nut from the control shaft lever. (b) Disconnect the control cable from the control shaft lever. ...

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On-vehicle inspection
1. DOOR LOCK FAIL-SAFE (a) When a malfunction in the door control switch (manual switch, operation interlocked with key) has been detected, door LOCK/UNLOCK operation become disabled. 2. CHECK ELECTRICAL DOOR LOCK OPERATION (a) Check the basic function.  Check that all doors lock when ...

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