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Toyota Highlander Owners Manual: Hitch

Trailer hitch assemblies have different weight capacities. Toyota recommends the use of toyota hitch/bracket for your vehicle. For details, contact your toyota dealer.

Hitch cover

When removing the hitch cover, contact your toyota dealer.

Toyota Highlander. Hitch cover

Trailer tongue weight
A recommended tongue weight varies in accordance with the types of trailers or towing as described below.  To ensure the recommended values shown below, the trailer must be loaded by ref ...

Selecting trailer ball
Use the correct trailer ball for your application. Trailer ball load rating matches or exceeds the gross trailer weight rating of the trailer. Ball diameter matches the size of the trailer ...

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Knock sensor (2AZ-FE)
REPLACEMENT 1. DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT (See page 16-6 ) 2. REMOVE AIR CLEANER CAP WITH AIR CLEANER HOSE (See page 14-24 ) 3. REMOVE THROTTLE BODY ASSY (See page 10-6 ) 4. REMOVE INTAKE MANIFOLD (a) Remove the 5 bolts, 2 nuts, intake manifold and gasket. 5. REMOVE KNOCK SENSOR (a) Disconn ...

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